Trusted AI Project Meeting

Apr 27, 2022

April 29, 2022

Innovation Hall at IUPUI (625 W. Michigan St., Indianapolis)

10:00 am – Welcome and Project Overview – 101 Innovation Hall

David Crandall and Chris Sweet

10:15 am – Welcome and Overview from Crane – 101 Innovation Hall

Alicia Scott and Kara Perry

10:30 am – Keynote Speakers – 101 Innovation Hall

Dr. Kyle Werner, NSWC Crane Deputy Technical Directo

Capt. Thomas McKay, Commanding Officer, NSWC Crane

11:00 am – Project Lightning Talks (5 minutes each) – 101 Innovation Hall

24/7 AI Career Cyber-Coaching (Katy Borner)

Human-machine Pairing (Adam Czajka)

Measures of Trust (Bennett Bertenthal & Greg Lewis)

Centering the Human in Human Defense (Jean Camp)

Speech Synthesis to Convey Confidence (Apu Kapadia & Donald Williamson)

Trust alignment with CBR (David Leake & David Crandall)

Trusted Data Anomaly Detection (Lauren Christopher)

Statistical Analysis of Neural Networks (Chris Sweet)

Gaussian Processes for Modeling NNs (Chunfeng Huang)

Improving Neural Network Robustness (David Crandall)

Knowledge Representation & Engineering (Paul Brenner)

Trust & Verifiability (Adam Czajka)

Framework Infrastructure (Nabrzyski)

12:30 pm – Lunch – 102 – Innovation Hall

1:30 pm – Poster Session – 102 Innovation Hall

3:30pm Break

4:00 pm Wrap-up – 101 Innovation Hall

Takeaways from Crane (Alicia Scott, TPOCs)

Action Items

Future Trusted AI efforts

5:00 pm – Adjourn

Parking options at IUPUI:

Parking passes in visitor lot. IU Bloomington with car passes can park free in Faculty or Student lots. The Gateway Garage (525 N. Blackford St. Indy) is the closest and has visitor parking.

The next closest with visitor parking is the North Street Parking Garage (819 W. North St. Indy). Vermont Street Garage.