IN3, NavalX Midwest Tech Bridge hold AI Innovation Challenge, calls for white papers

Jun 10, 2020

PRESENTATIONS: AISUM Innovation Challenge presentations can be found HERE.

VIDEO: The AISUM Innovation Challenge was recorded. You can find the video HERE.

On Wednesday, June 10, the Indiana Innovation Institute (IN3) hosted the NavalX Midwest Tech Bridge virtual information session for the Innovation Challenge for Artificial Intelligence for Small Unit Maneuver (AISUM).

The session focused on providing industry and academia with general information and understanding of the future operational and technical challenges facing the Department of Defense (DoD) regarding the use of artificial intelligence in support of small units.

In addition, the Innovation Challenge requested white papers from industry and academia on novel concepts and technologies aligned to two different technical areas:

  • Any concepts or technologies aligned to the AISUM future problem.
  • Any concepts or technologies that could support future events focused on the AISUM problem (e.g., simulation environments, sensor technologies, data collections tools, etc.).

Due date for white paper submissions is July 10, 2020. White papers should be submitted to Kelly Stephens at

Naval Surface Warfare Center, Crane Division (NSWC Crane) has been supporting a number of projects for different sponsors focused on exploiting the advantages of artificial intelligence. This includes efforts in data mining, object recognition, autonomy, decision aids, development of testing environments and several others. These projects have been in support of Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), Office of Naval Research (ONR), Naval Special Warfare (NSW), Special Operations Command (SOCOM), Marine Corps Warfighting Lab (MCWL) and others.

In an effort to gain a more focused level of research and grow the capabilities Indiana and the Midwest region, NSWC Crane is working with SOCOM, ONR, and other government partners to develop a campaign of events that will focus on technical challenges associated with artificial intelligence. It is envisioned that these events will be similar to a Prize Challenge or Advanced Naval Technology Exercise (ANTX) events and will incorporate an increasing level of technical complexity. These events will provide an opportunity for industry and academia to test their concepts and technologies in an operationally relevant environment. In addition, we will bring various stakeholders and decision-makers from across DoD to witness, interact and provide feedback to the participants.

The event had more than 140 participants from Indiana, the Midwest and across the nation interested in providing innovative solutions for the DoD.

Participating in the event were the following presenters:

  • Introduction: Bill Kiser, PhD, EVP Science and Technology, Indiana Innovation Institute (IN3)
  • NavalX Midwest Tech Bridge: Anne Fields, Regional Director
  • Operational Context and Challenge: Dr. Bruce Morris, Innovation Director, Navy Special Warfare
  • Technical Challenges to Utilizing Artificial Intelligence for Small Unit Maneuver and Request for White Papers: Andy Brough, Expeditionary Warfare Lead, NSWC Crane