NDIA Blog: IN3 is Creating a Hub of National Security Innovation

Sep 23, 2020

NDIA Blog published Sept. 15, 2020 – Stephen E. Kelly, president and CEO, IN3

IN3 (Indiana Innovation Institute), which I am proud to lead, works in partnership with academia, industry and government to create a hub of national security that helps to solve critical defense priorities. With our focus on the Indiana Uplands region, we have built partnerships across the state, Midwest, and throughout the country in order to deliver on that mission. Through these efforts we are building a robust ecosystem of economic growth that is speeding new investment, advancing partnerships, and growing jobs and the talent pool in Indiana.

Like the organizations you lead, we are focused: on our mission and in technical areas in which we have depth and expertise. Also like you, we must be – and are – tuned into opportunities where we can positively impact the defense sector and at the same time help advance Governor Holcomb’s mission to triple defense spending in our state by 2025.

While the numbers continue to grow daily, we are now partnering with more than 200 academic, industry and government organizations, focusing on five critical areas: hypersonics, cyber-physical systems, trusted microelectronics, artificial intelligence and 5G. One might rightly ask the question, “why did IN3 decide to focus its work in these technical areas”? In short, it is because Indiana has deep and unique capabilities in each. Additionally, and of equal importance, those areas are seen by our national security clients as critical, and the defense community is robustly funding research, development, and acquisition to address their need. IN3 is committed to bringing partners along with us in this journey toward discovery and action. Our ultimate goal is to work with our partners and stakeholders in helping develop the tools our warfighters need to maintain technological superiority. [READ MORE]