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This survey will take approximately 15 minutes. Understanding your capabilities is critical to the pursuit of this Tech Hub, and we appreciate you taking the time to fill this out.
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The following are five critical areas of Biotechnology Manufacturing for Indiana’s Tech Hub, please rate your expertise and capabilities in each of the following areas.

1. Efficient, cutting-edge biotechnology

Continuous manufacturing
Automation & robotics
Additive manufacturing
Modular facilities and modular manufacturing
Point of use manufacturing systems
High fidelity process models / digital twins

2. AI/ML applications in biotechnology manufacturing, e.g.:

AI-enabled yield and efficiency from autonomous operations
AI-enabled changeover and validation to increase equipment utilization rates

3. Quality control, advanced analytics and sensor/measurement in biotechnology manufacturing, e.g.:

Sensors and process analytical tools (PAT)
Real-time process measurements for critical process parameters
Process control and condition-based monitoring

4. Manufacturing approaches for innovative biotechnology products including but not limited to, e.g.:

Biologics manufacturing processes / bioprocessing methods
Radiopharmaceutical manufacturing
Custom / precision medicine manufacturing
Oligonucleotide and oligosaccharide therapeutics
Hybrid drug-device combinations
Emerging vaccines
Gene therapy
Cell-based products
Protein and peptide-based pharmaceuticals and agricultural products
Synthetic biology

5. Environmental performance and sustainability of biotechnology manufacturing processes, e.g.:

Green chemistry
Waste reduction
Energy efficiency
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