IN3, NavalX Midwest Tech Bridge Tech Demo Features Hypersonics and Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Technologies

Sep 2, 2020

PRESENTATIONS: The NavalX Midwest Tech Bridge Technology Demonstration event presentations can be found HERE.

VIDEO: The event was recorded. You can find the video HERE.

IN3 and the NavalX Midwest Tech Bridge conducted a virtual Tech Demonstration on August 31, 2020 featuring companies from Indiana, the Midwest and nationally, with innovative technologies in two specific areas: hypersonics and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs).

Hypersonics refers to new technology and development of craft that can fly at speeds five times the speed of sound or Mach 5. UAV technologies, or drones, is another growing sector with both military and private sector applications. They can be controlled remotely by a human operator or autonomously through onboard computers or robots.

The technology demonstrations are an opportunity to identify and allow for greater collaboration between the Navy, the US Department of Defense (DoD) and developers of emerging technologies, which are often non-traditional businesses and academic institutions.

The technology demonstrations are part of a partnership intermediary agreement between IN3 and NavalX Midwest Tech Bridge to foster collaboration in the Midwest innovation ecosystem and are intended to accelerate technology to the warfighter.

Presenting organizations for the technology demonstration were:


  • Blue Wave AI Labs and HySonic Technologies LLC (West Lafayette, Ind.): Dr. Tom Gruenwald, COO, Blue Wave AI Labs, and Dr. Carlo Scalo, CEO/Founder, HySonic Technologies LLC
    • Blue Wave AI Labs and HySonic Technologies are innovating the design process using Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) for aerodynamic optimization of hypersonic glide bodies. This work will yield unanticipated design attributes, increasing the range, effectiveness and survivability of hypersonic vehicles.
  • Intelligent Designs LLC (West Lafayette, Ind.): David Beering, Principal/Owner
    • Intelligent Designs LLC is developing solutions for communicating through the radio-frequency blocking sheathe of electrically charged gas (plasma) generated by the high-speed flight of hypersonics.
  • IN Space LLC (West Lafayette, Ind.): BJ Austin, President
    • IN Space is working to improve aerospace propulsion with a rapid detonation system for a more efficient fuel combustion. The company is currently working to advance this technology through experimental studies in support of next generation engines for DoD and NASA missions.


  • SICdrone (Boston, Mass.): Dan Bosch, CEO
    • SICdrone is a manufacturer of high-performance drone systems capable of carrying payloads in bad weather/high wind environments. SICdrone is currently working with the US Air Force to configure their system to carry weapon/sensor packages.
  • Asymmetric Technologies (Dublin, Ohio): Rob Hettler, Director of Applied Development, and Craig Williams, Director of Integration and Operations
    • Asymmetric Technologies is developing an American-made, cybersecure open-architecture flight controller with edge-computing capabilities for unmanned aerial systems (UAS).

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