IN3, NavalX Midwest Tech Bridge Feature Resources for Small Businesses

Sep 2, 2020

PRESENTATIONS: The NavalX Midwest Tech Bridge Connecting Businesses to Opportunities event presentations can be found HERE.

VIDEO: The event was recorded. You can find the video HERE.

On Monday, August 24, IN3 hosted the NavalX Midwest Tech Bridge Connecting Businesses to Opportunities virtual event. The event, with more than 150 people registered, connected small businesses with opportunities and resources for finding work in the defense sector.

The event showcased a number of organizations in Indiana helping small businesses connect and succeed with Department of Defense (DoD) contracting opportunities.

The session provided valuable information to help guide Indiana businesses to potential opportunities.

Anne Fields, regional director, NavalX Midwest Tech Bridge began the session describing NavalX as a research, development and acquisition organization focused on connecting with and scaling non-traditional, agile innovation methods across the Department of Navy workforce. NavalX has a number of regional Tech Bridges across the country that connect to innovation through other agencies, small businesses, startups, non-profits, academia and private markets. The NavalX Midwest Tech Bridge focus areas include power/energy/battery solutions, 5G, artificial intelligence, hypersonics, microelectronics and others. To learn more, visit

Jenna Dix, director, Office of Research and Technology Applications (ORTA), Naval Surface Warfare Center, Crane Division (NSWC Crane) described the Navy’s Technology Transfer (T2) Program. This is the business of transferring technology originally developed by the Navy to other entities such as small businesses. Often, the emphasis is on promoting an area’s economic growth and innovation ecosystem. Resources available to small businesses participating in T2 include intellectual property, subject matter experts, equipment, facilities and testing services. To learn more, visit

Christine Jeffers, state director, Indiana PTAC (Procurement Technical Assistance Center) highlighted support the state offers Indiana businesses by helping them compete for and win local, state and federal government contracts. Among the benefits provided by PTAC are one-on-one counseling, subcontracting assistance, bid-matching services, proposal preparation, certifications and others – at no cost. To learn more, visit

Ryan McDonald, director of business development, Rose-Hulman Ventures explained to attendees the resources and advantages of teaming with one of the nation’s top engineering schools for product development. This includes technical and management expertise, office and lab space, electronics and machine shops, prototyping equipment and software tools. It can even provide internships by Rose-Hulman students. In the process, the client gets a low-cost solution and the university is providing valuable experience and networking for its students. To learn more, visit

Tony Armstrong, president and CEO, IU Ventures then followed with a presentation highlighting resources and advantages of teaming with one of the top business schools in the nation for entrepreneurial expertise and start-up support. This included a wealth of information on available funding and statewide community collaboration ventures available to businesses. Not only does the business community benefit from this cooperation, students gain vital experience for their future. To learn more, visit

Mike Dodd, program director, National Security Innovation Network explained to attendees that the DoD’s current model for problem-solving is expensive, slow and inefficient. Due to the complexity of problems DoD faces, new non-traditional problem-solvers must be introduced into the system. This opens the door for small business innovators across the state. His organization partners with a diverse pool of talent to help solve defense a number of defense problems. To learn more, visit

IN3, which is the Partnership Intermediary for NavalX Midwest Tech Bridge and hosts the events, is also one of the organizations working to connect businesses to resources and opportunities. IN3 works to create a hub of national security innovation by bringing together government, academia and industry to help solve critical defense priorities. IN3’s focus is on hypersonics, cyber-physical systems, trusted microelectronics, artificial intelligence and 5G. To learn more, visit

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