ARI Secures Award with the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA)

Apr 19, 2023

The Company Will Help Launch a New DARPA Program Designed to Expand the Nation’s National Security Innovation Ecosystem

Indianapolis, IN (April 19, 2023) – The Applied Research Institute (ARI) has won a Partnership Intermediary Agreement (PIA) award from the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA). In this capacity, ARI will support the agency’s DARPAConnect program, a new initiative designed to broaden DARPA’s reach and stimulate collaboration between the agency and nontraditional entities new to the national security space.

This win further solidifies ARI’s position as a leading partner for government agencies conducting highly technical programs and stands as a testament to ARI’s commitment to deepening the federal side of its business.

“We’ve built an incredible team at ARI, and I’m particularly proud of our recent DARPA win in light of its exceedingly noble mission,” said David Roberts, Chief Executive Officer of ARI. “We stand ready to provide unparalleled support and expertise to DARPA, and I’m fully confident we’ll continue to lead the way with respect to securing additional federal partnerships, particularly those concerning advanced science and technology.”

ARI has a history of developing ecosystems, building partnerships, and expanding networks on behalf of government entities.

DARPAConnect is designed to lower the barrier of entry to the national security space for diverse and nontraditional businesses and education institutions that traditionally have been underrepresented. The program will focus on targeted engagement, increased recruitment, expanded training, and improved resource assistance.

“DARPAConnect is a novel national program with unlimited potential and we look forward to playing a key role in its success,” said William L. Kiser, Jr., PhD., Executive Vice President of Science and Technology at ARI. “As technology evolves in the modern world, it is critical to our national security to engage the best and brightest minds to develop revolutionary technologies.”

As part of this effort, ARI is identifying and engaging with Minority Serving Institutions (MSIs) and Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs). To that end, ARI has partnered with Tougaloo College Research & Development Foundation (TCRDF), an organization dedicated to encouraging, engaging, and enhancing collaboration to unleash the full potential and talent that exists in HBCUs.

“This program is an excellent opportunity for HBCUs and other MSIs to engage with DARPA and bring their innovation to realization,” said John Rosenthall, President of TCRDF.

ARI is currently planning a DARPAConnect event in Indianapolis on May 9. The event will introduce nontraditional performers to the DARPA enterprise and offer them an opportunity to connect with DARPA Program Managers and potential collaboration partners. Information sessions will be held on topics ranging from how to effectively engage with DARPA to how to successfully secure DARPA funding and expertly execute programs. This is one of several such planned events to be held across the country.

Registration for DARPAConnect’s pop-up event on May 9 can be found here:

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