Bill Breedlove

Bill Breedlove

Vice President of Federal Client Engagement

Bill Breedlove serves in a contract role as Vice President of Federal Client Engagement for ARI (Applied Research Institute, Inc.). Bill maintains his role as Vice President of Global Mission Support at Mantel Technologies. He is founder, CEO and majority owner of Alibi Technologies, a service-disabled veteran-owned small business focused on providing commercial off the shelf solutions to support military and U.S. Government civilian missions.

He has almost three decades of sales and customer relationship management focused mainly on the federal government and related markets. Much of this time has involved managing and growing diverse technical teams to support federal government research and development sponsors. Breedlove has extensive customer liaison skills and a natural ability to quickly bridge gaps between customer needs and corporate offerings.

Breedlove started his career as a United States Air Force signals intelligence collector and analyst. After separating from the Air Force, he has continued to support America’s national security mission with positions at Battelle and Infoscitex before joining Mantel Technologies as a corporate officer.

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